The Perfect Face Mask for your Self Care Routine

We’ve all heard the words “self care,” but in practice our go-to rituals can range from a lavish evening luxuriating in the bathtub to a quick minute morning routine. Regardless of how you practice self care, face masks have become synonymous with the term for good reason — all you have to do is put it on and unwind while your skin is replenished. With the R-Peptide Renewing Mask from AS OF TODAY, your self care routine is about to be super-charged. 


Common skin stressors include pollution, hormonal changes, UV, aging, chemicals and daily stress. This sheet mask is packed with nourishing ingredients to give your skin a serious boost and help combat these stressors. 1% highly concentrated R-Peptides fight off signs of stress aging, while 2% Niacinamide builds and repairs proteins in your skin to protect against environmental damage. R-Peptide is the key ingredient that works to normalize the skin network. Whether you want to put on a sheet mask while you sip your morning latte or add it to your evening skincare regimen, this Renewing Mask will leave your skin glowing with a restored skin barrier and diminished appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles. 

Add the mask into your self care routine at least twice a week for the best results, and in just eight weeks you’ll see a marked difference in your skin, with an 83 percent reduction of dehydration, 58 percent reduction of wrinkles, and 30 percent increase in smoothness. 

To use the mask, wash your face thoroughly and clear off any stubborn debris or dirt with the AS OF TODAY R-Peptide Toner Pads. Unfold the sheet mask and gently place it on your skin, allowing all the rejuvenating  ingredients to soak into your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Each mask comes with extra liquid, which you can glide over your neck and body for all around hydration. Gently pat the mask over your face to ensure absorption. For those with dry skin, finish off your self care routine with a moisturizer or ampoule.