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Our brand is dedicated to creating and perfecting formulations with clinically proven ingredients. We aim to create a minimalist clean beauty skincare routine, with hand-picked ingredients from Paris that show precision and amazing results.

Skin is affected negatively by pollution, smoking, and chemicals.
Psychological and chemical stress causes aging and produces inflammation.
Signs of aging, discoloration, and wrinkles increase when the skin barrier is damaged.
A weakened skin barrier leads to moisture and electrolytes evaporating from the skin.

R-Peptide is a naturally derived neuro-calming peptide acting on opioid receptors. It reactivates skin barriers thus reversing signs of stress-aging. Results take 2 to 8 weeks, with a visible reduction of wrinkles and smoothing of the skin and increased hydration. Deep wrinkles disappear: -58% of wrinkles depth reduction. Skin looks younger: +30% improvement of skin smoothness in 2 months, with visible results in 2 weeks. Skin is more hydrated: +83% after 15 days.

R-Peptide protects the skin from stress, normalizes the skin barrier, restructures mature skin, smooths the surface of the skin, and refills deep wrinkles.

AS OF TODAY is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, animal oil, phthalates, sulfates, triclosan, talc, retinol, plastic microbeads, hydroquinone, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, octinoxate and oxybenzone, and DEA/TEA/MEA.

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