Our Values

  • Self-love

    We believe skincare is all about caring, loving, and dedicating time to being your best self.

  • Positivity

    With many stresses, obstacles, in your way, taking care of yourself gets harder. We care about the health and hope to create a positive experience to influence the rest of the day.

  • Unity

    Caring about yourself also means sharing that love and positivity with others. Our goal is to create a supportive one-of-a-kind community with tools that help to grow and inspire.

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Our Founder

When I do my skincare routine every morning and night, I wonder if there are products that comfort, refresh, and motivate me. This inspired me to share that feeling of support with everyone. I wanted to make products that felt like a friend that lifts you on your busiest days. I created this brand to celebrate individuality and beauty. AS OF TODAY, is all about being confident, overcoming adversity, and dedicating yourself to being better than yesterday, as of today.

Your friend,

Sarah Choi

Better than yesterday,