Do I really need Toner?

Do I really need Toner?

If we bring it back to basics, the core components of any well-crafted clean beauty skincare routine include a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. And while the memories of harsh alcohol-ridden toners might be enough to make you wince, the advent of water-based and nourishing formulas has nearly eliminated their irritating predecessors. 

Despite our best attempts to completely clear our face of impurities using washes and cleansers, the stubborn residue of makeup, dirt, and oil can linger past its welcome. Enter toner—which can remove any debris while adding hydration and nutrients for a thoroughly refreshed face. 

And where a wash can only cleanse the surface of your skin, toners go deeper to clean, exfoliate, and rid of dead skin cells. There’s no need to reach for a harsh scrub or physical exfoliant that leaves your face feeling sensitive and over-stripped—because the right toner will clarify without irritating your skin. 

You can reap even more benefits from adding toner into your skincare routine with the R-Peptide Toner Pads from AS OF TODAY. This toner is formulated with high concentrations of R-Peptide, a naturally derived neuro-calming ingredient, which can diminish wrinkles and fine lines produced by stress aging for a youthful glow. These pads are crafted with a slightly textured side designed for gentle exfoliation, and one smooth side equipped for more sensitive skin. These R-Peptide Toner Pads can also improve the pH balance of your skin and create even, toned skin. 

Use the pre moistened cotton pads daily by gently patting or wiping the textured side across your face to clear out residual makeup, dirt, or oil. For targeted, deeper pore care, place the untextured side of the toner pad over areas with larger pores like the nose and cheeks and let sit for a few minutes. After toning, apply your moisturizer or other products as usual. 

Whether you’re a skincare junkie with an extensive 20-step routine or keep it simple with a pared-down regimen, a toner is a key component to creating clean, hydrated, and smooth skin.