Combine Exfoliation and Cleansing without Over Drying using R-Peptide Enzyme Cleanser

Whether you’re new to the clean beauty skincare scene or a seasoned expert with a shelf full of tried-and-true products, you’ve probably heard the term exfoliation. The right exfoliant sloughs off even the most stubborn dirt, debris and dead skin cells — revealing a brighter, smoother surface that can better absorb your favorite products. AS OF TODAY’s R-Peptide Cleanser luxurious formula is packed with renowned, clean, ingredients to reveal your best skin and wash away the day. From combating dullness to normalizing uneven, bumpy texture, this exfoliant is a versatile product that surely deserves a spot in your skincare lineup. 

And while you might associate the buzzword with harsh scrubs of the past, we've swapped out those outdated and irritating formulas for a modern and much-improved exfoliant. The R-Peptide Cleanser from AS OF TODAY has a nourishing cream to foam formula that deep cleans without stripping your skin barrier, making it a gentle enough exfoliant to use on a daily basis. This hydrating exfoliation-meets-cleanser has skin-saving ingredients like R-Peptides, enzymes and Niacinamide. 

The active R-Peptides in this cleanser work to combat signs of stress aging, brighten your complexion, and create a youthful, supple glow that will leave you feeling like you just left the spa. If you’re in search of a daily product that repairs and strengthens your skin barrier, the addition of enzyme proteins in this formula simultaneously cleanse and fortify your skin. With 2% Niacinamide, a celebrity skincare ingredient that has anti-acne, purifying, and strengthening properties, you can say goodbye to the grime of the day and hello to radiant, healthy skin. 

For a supremely fresh face, wet your skin with lukewarm water and massage the cleanser in a circular motion for 30 seconds, until it transforms from cream to a foam, then rinse thoroughly and apply other products as usual. Get rid of the day’s stress and reveal your better skin with the help of this mild, yet powerful exfoliant.